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Fires can be one of the most dangerous and damaging disasters, engulfing  everything in their path. But the worst of it all is that even after  the flames are extinguished, the smoke and soot continue to spread to  cover the remaining structure. Only professional restoration services  will be able to restore the property.  

During property fires, properties may be left in unstable conditions. We will immediately assess the condition to determine if this is the case  with your home or building, and stabilize the structure if needed. All  gaping holes and windows will then  be boarded up while the roof is  tarped over to prevent any leaks and further damage. 

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Water Extraction And Water Cleanup Company

Mold Remediation Company And Cleanup Service

Water Extraction And Water Cleanup Company

For many property owners, water damage is common due to the number of  potential sources of which include pipe leaks, appliance malfunctions,  natural flooding, and sewage backups. But until excess water can be  removed, it will continue to spread and cause additional damage.

We are available 24/7 for restoration services  to dry out, disinfect, and network repair to the building structure. Our  Water Restorers and IICRC-certified technicians have 2 decades of experience  to mitigate damaged building materials of all types. Water Cleanup Company Water Damage in Boise Mold Removal in Nampa

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Mold Remediation Company And Cleanup Service

Mold Remediation Company And Cleanup Service

Mold Remediation Company And Cleanup Service

If you have found mold on your property, don’t hesitate to call us for  professional remediation services. Water can cause more than just property  damage; everyone on the property is at risk for an array of health  issues if waiting causes mold, including breathing problems, allergies, and many more. 

 During the service, we will contain the affected area to prevent any  mold spores from spreading. Testing is offered as well.  If you decide to use insurance, we  will  work with your  insurance provider to ensure a smooth claims process. 

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Crawl space cleaning – sanitize, deodorize, and disinfect

We offer Caldwell, Meridian, Nampa, and Boise areas Crawl Space cleaning.  If a crawl space has not been cleaned in a  long time, it can become infested with contaminants and can develop a  noticeable and distracting odor. Our professional pros at DrierHomes can  easily evaluate your Crawl Space and find whats need to be done to  ensure clean, safe and energy efficient home. We are a mold removal  and cleanup company that works in Boise ID Meridian ID Nampa ID Eagle ID Caldwell Idaho and Ada and Canyon County


Attic space Mold

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Attic Mold in Idaho is extremely common in our climate. Most  people realize the importance of insulating an attic, but few realize  that the ventilation of the attic is as important. If the attic has  in-adequate ventilation, the warm air of the home will rise into the  attic and be unable to exit this area.

Attic mold is generally directly attributable to 4 basic causes.

  •  1) Lack of adequate ventilation or improper ventilation.
  • 2)Existing or past roof or flashing leaks.
  • 3)Improperly exhausted bathroom fans and or dryer vents 
  • 4)Attic Bypass or Attic Air Leaks

This is why, in cold weather, moisture condenses on cold surfaces  (like attic roof sheathing/decking). This moisture provides a perfect  situation where mold grows. Our mission is to aid present or prospective  home owners by not only conducting attic mold inspections but also  inform the home owners of potential causes and remediation methods.

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Free Mold Estimates and Assessments after your Home Inspection is done. Meridian ID Boise, ID, Nampa, ID Caldwell, ID and all of Canyon County and Ada County

Found Mold through an inspection report?

 Which brings us back to the home inspector. If you encounter a problem with mold found through an inspection,  bring it up with your realtor.  For example, if the inspector said the  roof was in good condition, but there was a leak months later during a  big storm, ice damming, or poor ventilation you would have to move forward so the house won't fall out of escrow. Call Our Mold Removal Company that works in Boise Id Meridian ID Nampa ID Caldwell ID Ada County and Canyoun County.

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