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Water Damage Dry Out Services in Star, ID

Keep Your Home Safe From Mold


Did you have a pipe burst and leak water into your home? Was your house flooded in a storm? Even after the water is gone, you could still have a big problem with soggy floors, walls, and belongings. Not only can the leftover water cause secondary damage, but it’s also a potential breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungus.

Water-related damages can result in invaluable losses. From your belongings, like appliances, documents, art pieces, furniture, etc. to your home structure and your health, damages from a flooded home can be hard to restore. To avoid these problems, you should remove the water as soon as possible so that your home can begin to dry. This way, you will prevent secondary damage to your home and belongings.  Contact us for water damage clean up service in Star, ID 

DrierHomes provides water damage dry-out services in Star, ID, and can help protect your property from the damage caused by residual moisture. You can call us anytime for 24/7 services and get your home dried out as quickly as possible.

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You can rest easy when you hire DrierHomes for water damage dry-out services. We’ll take care of the entire water removal process for you, including:

  • Assessing the damage and removing any remaining standing water
  • Securing your belongings and containing the moisture to prevent additional damage
  • Thoroughly drying out affected areas and preparing them for remediation
  • Removing damaged flooring or carpets completely so you can start fresh
Flood Clean Up Services

We know that time is of the essence, and we’ll work quickly to restore your home.

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Water damage can cause a series of problems for your home, as well as your health. From mold to a compromised structure, water damage can lead to serious issues that can put your safety at risk and have a drastic negative effect on your property’s value.

The drying time will depend on the extent of the water damage and the nature of the water emergency. Water can fully dry in 2–5 days on average, but in more extreme cases, it could take more than a week for your home to completely dry after our water damage dry-out services.

The dry-out services at DrierHomes include cutting-edge equipment to extract moisture from a property after the water has been removed from the affected areas. Our experienced professionals will assess the damage to your property, and then present the most effective dry-out plan for your specific situation.