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Mold Removal Services in Boise, Idaho

Keep Your Home Safe From Mold Growth


Mold can pose a serious health risk. If you find mold on your property, you’ll want an expert to remove it as soon as possible. DrierHomes can manage your mold removal job in Mold Removal Boise ID. We have a fast response time, so we’ll be on your property quickly to get the job done. We will work quickly and efficiently to rid your house of mold and mildew.

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If you find mold on your property, there are a few things you should not do to remediate the situation yourself:

  • Do not touch or try to remove the mold — you’ll only be spreading it instead of killing it
  • Do not blow air on the surfaces where mold is growing (or suspected to be growing) — this will help its spores spread to other uninfected areas
  • Do not spray bleach or any other disinfectant on the molded area
  • Do not paint over the mold to hide it
  • Do not try to dry the molded area by yourself.

If you encounter mold on your property, you should always contact a professional to remove it instead of trying to get rid of it alone.

Mold Remediation Boise Idaho
Mold Removal Boise


When you hire us for mold remediation services, you can trust that you’ll get great results quickly. We’re:

  • Thorough – We won’t leave any mold behind
  • Fast – We’ll work quickly to take care of your property
  • Professional – You can trust DrierHomes to treat your home with respect

We understand how important it is to get rid of mold in your home quickly. If you need mold cleanup services in Boise, ID reach out to us today.

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Mold appears after a water damage or flood incident. A wet environment and improper drying are two main reasons for mold to appear in your home or business space. Because mold spreads by releasing its spores into the air, the use of fans, HVAC systems, etc. can make it easier for these spores to go from one room to the next unnoticed. If you have visible mold on your property, do not touch or try to remove it. Contact us at DrierHomes, and one of our professionals will assess your situation and safely remove the mold from the affected areas to stop its spread.

No. If the existing mold is not completely removed, its spores can be inactive for a while and reappear in the future. Dried mold is still a threat to your home and your health. If you have a mold issue in your home, make an appointment with us at DrierHomes. One of our experienced mold removal professionals will visit your property and assess your home’s mold situation.

The mold removal process should be left to a professional. All mold must be removed so that no spores are left behind that can allow mold to reappear. While you shouldn’t try to remove the mold while you wait for professional assistance, you can try to identify the water source that is the cause of the mold and shut it off. Until your appointment with one of our experienced professionals, you should keep your HVAC system switched off to avoid the spread of mold spores to other areas of your property.

If not completely and properly removed, yes, mold can grow back. At DrierHomes, we make sure two things happen when we do mold removal:

  1. We make sure the water source that was causing the mold to appear has been completely repaired
  2. We ensure no mold or spores are left behind while cleaning, to prevent any chances of the mold growing back.

Mold spreads fast and, if not dealt with properly and quickly, will only continue to grow. This will not only harm your property but may also endanger your health and that of your family. If you spot mold at your house or business, contact us at DrierHomes so we can send one of our licensed professionals to assist you with the mold removal process.

Depending on the severity of your mold problem, it may be possible for you to stay in your home during the mold removal services.

Being in mold-affected areas can result in shortness of breath or other respiratory difficulties, coughing, and wheezing. Mold can release allergens and irritants that can affect your health if you try to deal with it yourself. If you find signs of mold on your property, call us at DrierHomes, and we will be available as soon as possible to help you remove it effectively.