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Sewage Cleanup Services in Middleton, Idaho

Protect Your Home From a Sewage Disaster


A sewage backup is an especially dangerous problem. Excess moisture flooding your home will damage your property and can lead to mold growth. Sewage also carries all kinds of bacteria, parasites, and fungi that can cause serious illness. You need a dependable sewage cleanup company to help restore your home through mold removal and sewage cleaning solutions.

You can call Drier Homes for sewage cleaning services in Middleton, ID, or the surrounding area. We provide residential and commercial services and can help with anything from a sewage backup in your bathroom to a broken pipe leaking in your home. You can let the pros do the dirty work. 

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When you have a sewage spill, you just want your property back to normal as soon as possible. When you hire the pros at DrierHomes, you can sit back and not have to worry about a thing. Our sewage cleanup service includes:

  • Finding the source of the problem and recommending an effective solution
  • Removing and disposing of all waste and any contaminated property
  • Sanitizing affected areas to remove bacteria, fungi, mildew, parasites, and odors
  • Drying out the affected areas to help prevent future problems Helping you get through the insurance process smoothly
Emergency Sewage Cleanup

The health and safety of your family, employees, and customers is our highest priority, and we won’t cut corners when it comes to cleaning up your property.

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At DrierHome we have a thorough sewage cleanup process that ensures the safe removal of all backup waste. To make sure you have a safe environment to go back to, our process includes:

  1. Removal of any water and sewage backup to ensure the elimination of any parasites, bacteria, and viruses.
  2. Disposal of contaminated furniture, carpet, flooring, and other surfaces or items that might have been in contact with the contaminated water.
  3. Usage of industry-leading drying equipment to make sure the affected area is properly ventilated.
  4. Cleaning and disinfecting the area to stop the spread of microbes that can be harmful to health.
  5. Area treatment to prevent mold to grow.
  6. Application of a post-disinfection for protection against mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Yes, you can be at risk of health hazards when you remain in the space after a sewage spill, as harmful microorganisms that can affect your health will seep into the atmosphere. If you stay there for elongated periods, you can become susceptible to respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, sinus infections, etc.