Water Damage Restoration

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Minimize the Damage Caused by a Flood

We offer water extraction services in Boise, Nampa & Caldwell, ID

Whether it results from a burst pipe or a flash flood, water damage can cause a lot of serious problems. You could be facing mold growth, damaged flooring and other costly issues. That's why you need to arrange for water extraction services as soon as possible. DrierHomes offers water removal and water damage restoration services for clients in Boise, Nampa & Caldwell, ID.

If you're dealing with water damage because of a roof leak, an appliance leak or flooding, don't wait to get help. Call 208-202-9558 now to arrange for water extraction services.

What to expect from our water damage restoration process

When you hire our team, you can count on us to approach the water damage restoration process with compassion and efficiency. We know how important it is to move quickly in order to save your property.

We will...

  • Assess the damage to your home and belongings
  • Contain and remove the water as quickly as possible
  • Establish a time frame to complete the restoration process
  • Answer any questions you have throughout the process
  • Work diligently to restore your home to its former condition and salvage your belongings

We're available 24/7 for emergency water removal services, so you can trust us to be there when you need us most. Contact us right away to get help from our team in Boise, Nampa & Caldwell, ID.